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HPOTT focuses on the research and development, production, based on customer needs of various types of catering hot pot tables, shabu-shabu tables, etc.. Especially in the lift hot pot, smokeless hot pot, stainless steel hot pot with experienced scientific research, technology, management professionals. 

Our products have been successfully marketed to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and many other countries and regions, adhere to the people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, quality assurance, customer first business purposes, to provide one-stop service solutions for the majority of customers in the catering. 

Our Vision

Become a professional catering equipment manufacturer for personalized customer restaurants worldwide.

Our Mission

Make customers have a pleasant dining experience.


High Quality Manufacturing At Scale

Key to our successful manufacturing of quality products lies in state-of-the-art production processes and facilities as well as experienced employees.

5,000W+ RMB

Annual Production Value


Well-trained production staff



6000+ M²

Square sheet of factory


Production Lines


R&D Design Team


We Are Building A Sustainable Future

Product Customization

We provide a series of customized services including table material, size, table shelf, etc., free to choose purifiers and matching pots and pans to meet the overall decoration style.

OEM Service

With first-class production equipment and R & D team, strict quality control, customized professional hot pot equipment for brand manufacturers, increase brand added value.

ODM Service

Design and manufacture equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications and requirements, reducing production costs and saving development time.

All-In-One Supply

One-to-one hot pot restaurant design and production service, providing one-stop supporting purchase solutions, flexible matching, saving time and money.

Restaurant Scheme Design

Rationalized restaurant space planning, a variety of customized solutions to choose from to meet the individual needs of hot pot restaurants.

Operation Guidance

Refined build, easy to install split design, easy to take care of, free accessories available, 24-hour online problem solving.


” Happy hot pot, happy life. As a comprehensive hot pot equipment manufacturer, we are not only committed to providing our customers with high quality hot pot equipment, but more importantly, our products are designed from ease of use and user-friendliness to create a pleasant hot pot experience for people. Bringing happiness to people’s meals is our aim.”



Trusted By 1000+ Hot Pot And BBQ Restaurants.

HPOTT's Team

Our versatile team helps you from formulation to manufacturing and marketing support.

R&D Team

We have a group of experienced research professionals to drive the company to continue to develop and innovate. The advanced laser cutting machine provides a guarantee for us to develop innovative shabu-shabu tables, and our team always insists on bringing high quality products to our customers.

Production Team

We have three production lines with semi-automatic production. We strictly require our personnel to comply with the production regulations and to produce in a meticulous manner in order to deliver our qualified and high quality products to the consumer, and we always adhere to the principle of quality assurance.

Production Supervisor Team

Our design team focuses on the operator's business positioning as the starting point for the design concept, where the branding is integrated with the actual restaurant image leading to the development of the restaurant, which effectively integrating the design into the brand image.

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