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HPOTT is a catering equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of hot pot tables, hot pot equipment,Korean bbq tables, and bbq grill and shabu shabu tables. As a leader in the catering industry, we can offer personalized design advice or provide custom-made tables with more innovative and corresponding requirements according to the business needs and restaurant-style elements of hot pot restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels. Contact us for a free quote and professional advice.


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We respect the wishes of our clients and are happy to offer pertinent advice, offering a custom design service to suit the style of your restaurant

We support wholesalers and distributors with OEM and ODM services. Welcome to discuss cooperation.

We provide not only sales and custom design services, but also related technical and after-sales maintenance guidance, providing a true one-stop experience for our customers

HPOTT provides customers with reasonable operation guidance which is based on catering industry trends to improve competitiveness and establish brand advantages.

Proven Restaurant Equipment Solutions

Restaurant Beginner

Create influential and competitive hot pot restaurants by focusing on brand positioning and amplifying core product advantages to shape the consumer side’s perception of the brand.

Chain Restaurant

Chain brand hot pot is a niche market segment, the overall market space is relatively limited, HPOTT subverts the traditional concept of hot pot, promoting the upgrade of the brand.


What Customers Say

You ask, we answer

We are willing to help you.

Yes,we do support OEM and ODM service.We also offer customization service as you need

No it is not for free but you can buy one sample to test first.

After you order products from us, we’ll contact the forwarder as soon as possible. In about 35-60 days you’ll get the goods based on which country you are in and our working schedule. All the goods will be checked, tested, and well-packed before we send them to the forwarder.

All the accessories will be sent to you for all of your orders and if you encounter some problems like assembling tables and purifiers, we’ll teach you how to do it properly through videos and it’s very easy. Moreover, after a long period of use maybe something goes wrong like a part failure, we’ll send you a new one as soon as possible. Please feel free to reach out to us if other technical problems come up.

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We will contact you within 3 hours, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@hpott.com”