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The attraction of a custom hot pot table is its personalized design. The customer can customize the style, and the design plan can be decided through repeated communication with the designer. Customers have a sense of accomplishment that their ideas can be realized, and will be comfortable in the use of the hot pot table.

Formal manufacturers like HPOTT can provide customers with the personalized fit design of hot pot tables to meet the customer’s utilization of hot pot restaurant space and customized requirements for hot pot tables, in addition to supporting open visits throughout the production of custom hot pot tables and chairs, customers can achieve full supervision and more reliable quality of custom hot pot tables.

Intelligent Plant Equipment

Integration of high-quality intelligent technology

The laser cutting machine used in the factory equipment used is “contactless processing”, which will not crush the table, resulting in deformation and wear of the table, and the size and depth of the cut can be adjusted at will, and will not be easy to make mistakes.

Laser cutting machine performance is stable, high cutting accuracy, fast, smooth kerf without burr, but also automatic nesting to save material, no mold consumption. Whether the hot pot table selection of artificial marble materials or wood materials or glass materials, the laser cutting machine can be cut to the customer’s desired effect.

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