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Customized Korean grills specifically for hotels and restaurants

Commercial Korean BBQ Grill Table For Restaurants

HPOTT has over 15 years of experience in designing and developing Korean barbecue grill tables and is dedicated to customizing all kinds of Korean bbq restaurant equipment for our customers’ hot pot restaurants and barbecue restaurants. Customers can choose from a single grill, two-in-one grill, hot pot, or charcoal grill to cater to the needs of restaurants. The self-purifying smokeless system developed by the company effectively eliminates grease and smoke, providing users with a comfortable and environmentally friendly dining process!

Feature Of Products

Our products have all kinds of functions that can make your business performance improve steadily

Three Types Of Smoke Exhaust Design

Can do upper pipe, lower pipe smoke exhaust and split purification system, one key smoke exhaust, scientific physical purification.

Two-in-one Design

Hot pot and barbecue combination, experience multiple flavors, a restaurant can also meet the taste of different people.

Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Self-contained purifier adsorbs smoke pollution; stainless steel black crystal tube heaters, are pollution-free, and fast heating.

Novelty Purification Systems - Internal Purifiers

Metal box stainless steel purifier built into the base,
no need to install a large project to lay the exhaust pipe,
assembly can be used; three-step adjustable wind,
photocatalytic purification system.

Stainless Steel Baking Pipes

Compared to cast iron heat pipes, stainless steel will not
absorb moisture and rust in long-term high temperature
cooling, more durable, and more resistant to the corrosion
of grease.

Hot Pot + BBQ Combination

One table for two needs, HPOTT offers a multifunctional
smokeless hot pot table that not only caters for
those who like to eat hot pot, but also for those who
take care of the barbecue.

Breakthrough Traditional Smokeless Korean BBQ Grill Table

When it comes to traditional BBQ grill tables, the common impression is that they produce a lot of fumes and smells during use. In order to avoid this defect, HPOTT has introduced smoke-free self-purifying grill tables. In addition to smoke-free equipment, we also provide meticulous customization services, whether it is Japanese or Korean barbecue, or Chinese grilling and hot pot in one, HPOTT can meet customers’ needs from all aspects.

Color To Meet The Scene Diversity

HPOTT factory has a large color palette with hundreds of grill tabletop colors for customers to choose from, and customers can choose customized color textures according to restaurant design and scenario-based needs.

Material Corresponding To The Properties Of The BBQ Grill Table

The most common barbecue tabletop materials are solid wood, marble, rock board, etc. If the barbecue table selection induction cooker, the desktop can choose solid wood, artificial marble, quartz stone class common materials; if used in a Japanese charcoal grill restaurant, you can choose firestone, rock plate, high-temperature resistant glass, and other materials with very high-temperature resistance.

hot pot and BBQ grill table size

Sized To Fit The Restaurant Space

In order to make the most rational use of the limited restaurant area, HPOTT can make a reasonable and professional BBQ table design planning before the restaurant decoration.
The common sizes of general smokeless BBQ grill tables are rectangular 4-person table: 1000*800mm, 1300*900mm, etc.; 6-person table: 1600*900mm, 1800*1000mm, etc.; the common sizes of round tables can be chosen from 1200mm to 1800mm in diameter.

hotpot and bbq grill equipment

Support A Wide Range Of Accessories

All barbecue table products can be matched with built-in smokeless purification equipment, no need to lay a smoke pipe. HPOTT provides all kinds of square electric BBQ grills, round electric BBQ grills, gas BBQ grills, charcoal BBQ grills, two-in-one hot pots, and BBQ grills, lifting the hot pot and other accessories. Grill utensils can choose from grill nets or cast aluminum grill pans.

How To Choose A Korean BBQ Grill Table?

First, choose the heating method, the popular use of the market is an electric grill, carbon grill, and gas grill; recommended use of an electric grill, compared with others more energy efficient and safe, and will not produce carbon monoxide.

Second, consider the smoke exhaust method, generally divided into the upper smoke exhaust, lower smoke exhaust, and self-cleaning type; upper and lower smoke exhaust require the installation of pipes to exhaust the fumes outside; while the self-cleaning type does not require engineering, is the table comes with its purification equipment, maintenance and relocation more convenient; of course, they have their advantages, to consider their situation.

Thirdly, choose the specification and size of the table, the material of the tabletop is generally mainly marble, solid wood, quartz stone, high-temperature resistant glass, etc.; the conventional size of the square table for 4 people is 1300*900*760mm, and the round table for 4 people is generally 1300*760mm in diameter, it is best to determine the size of the table according to the area of your restaurant to achieve the purpose of maximizing the use of space.

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To save you time, we have also prepared a PDF version containing all the contents of this page, only leave your email and you will get the download link immediately.


Koren BBQ Grill Table

Table of Contents

How is the price of a barbecue table determined?

First, you need to choose your barbecue countertop material, countertop size, countertop material color, heating method, grill net, or grill pan, different specifications offer different prices; second, depending on the quantity ordered, the price offered is different; third, provide your delivery address to check the current shipping cost for you, we generally use EXW quotation.

What is the difference between the self-cleaning type and the upper and lower smoke exhaust method?

Upper exhaust barbecue tables are those with ducting on the ceiling and outdoor air connections to exhaust the smoke from the barbecue to the outside. A lower smoke extraction Korean barbecue table is a table with ducts on the floor and an outdoor air connection, using a special lower smoke extraction grill with a special connection at the bottom of the grill for the lower smoke extraction duct. The self-purifying smokeless barbecue table does not require the laying of exhaust pipes or external fans, and the barbecue table has internal professional fume purification equipment, which can suck the fumes and toxic gases produced by the barbecue into the equipment for purification.

What are the cleaning and maintenance precautions for barbecue tables?

Baking nets: ① Don’t rub or scrape with hard objects to prevent injury to the surface. ② If there is grease that is difficult to remove, consider wiping it with a soft rag dipped in some baking soda and hot water. ③ Wash it in time, dry it out and don’t get damp. ④ Do not soak it in water for a long time. ⑤ Do not use chemicals to clean it.
Oil catch tray: Put 300-500ml of water on the oil catch tray when using the table, pour out the water from the tray and put water in again. If you don’t put water in, the oil will drip directly into the tray and it will be more difficult to clean.

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