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HPOTT provides one-stop service solutions for global customers to develop and manufacture catering equipment

As far as we know

Most hot pot restaurants face the following problems

High Maintenance And Relocation Costs

Once the tenancy is changed, all the smoke extraction pipes laid will be wasted

Industry Off-season

Most restaurants operate in a single mode and are prone to slow seasons due to seasonal changes

Space Utilisation

Limited shop space and ineffective design use

Product Homogeneity

The shop has no character and is not innovative

Lack Of Multifunctionality

Simple equipment does not meet the needs of many customers

What? A 100% increase in sales with HPOTT's optimization solution?

See what changes we have made for our clients.

"Customer First" has won the trust of my customers

Customers share their early experiences of opening a shop

Tommy: “At that time there were more Chinese travelers, we planned to open a 100 square meters Chinese hot pot restaurant in Thailand in 2015, and we were introduced to purchase a batch of equipment from the Chinese market to prepare for the opening of the restaurant; at the beginning, we planned an excellent decoration design plan and made smoke exhaust ducts for the hot pot tables; at the beginning of October we finished the decoration and started to operate, just at that time the Chinese National Day, came One day there was a problem with the exhaust pipe and I had to close the restaurant to repair it, which cost me a lot of time and money. I have tried to change everything in order to survive.”

A major shift in customer operations

In 2019 I approached HPOTT and their solution led to a 100% increase in my turnover and survival. Initially, I gave HPOTT feedback on the problems I was facing and they were happy to analyze and provide me with a unique solution; for the maintenance of the exhaust ducts, their product comes with its purifier, which can be used without renovation duct work, easy maintenance and relocation, saving me a lot of money; for the off-season situation, they recommended a 3-in-1 hotpot table for me, which can be used for both barbecue and hotpot, and even for different light and spicy customers, so I don’t have to worry about the change of eating habits due to the change of seasons. Also based on the photos I provided of the restaurant, they found that my side walls could actually be used for space and suggested that we make wall-mounted single-long tables to increase the number of customers; they also gave me a great suggestion to install USB charging holes on the tables, which is simply a great design and helped my customers to charge temporarily; I felt very satisfied with this cooperation proposal and purchased from them. After about 30 days I finally received my goods; and welcomed the re-opening of the shop, with a new product positioning to do publicity, many customers have learned about my shop product equipment humane, have come to try to experience; accommodate the number of customers increased, customers almost do not need to wait for a place to eat; operating for some time, the purifier only need to replace the filter inside, very convenient, I am very grateful to HPOTT for the help they have provided me.

"Quality assurance" has made me recognized by the brand

“Lekaoba” is a new brand since its establishment in 2020, mainly by way of joining in; In the business competition in the hot pot industry, there will always be uneven competitors. Our customer “Lekaoba” has demonstrated how to stand out from this fierce competition. So how can we help this brand jump out of the vicious competition and make profits?

HPOTT finally found a breakthrough in profit from the needs of customers by investigating the store and doing some customer awareness research, which is to cooperate with the main selling points of the hot pot shop with professional customized equipment. In the face of fierce market competition, brand stores need high-quality professional equipment and the right market to create an influential and competitive hotpot restaurant.

In order to subvert the traditional concept of hot pot and promote brand upgrading, HPOTT has made these efforts.
1. Professional equipment
HPOTT’s equipment to achieve true industrial-grade design, the internal design of the cloth in full accordance with the national CCC and EMC electromagnetic compatibility standards, can meet the high reliability requirements of long-term use, adapt to complex power grid without damage to the machine. Normal use for 5 years without failure.
2. Support special scene customization
By diversifying the design of patented appearance, perfectly nested in the brand decorative style. Make the hot pot both taste, culture and operational advantages.
3. Fundamentally reduce operating costs
The efficient performance of the equipment combined with the professional cooperation of the service staff can effectively drive the turn-over rate of the restaurant and maximize the benefits with the most limited resources.

Cooperation Cases

Services we provide

ODM Service

Design and manufacture equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications and requirements, reducing production costs and saving development time.

OEM Service

With first-class production equipment and R & D team, strict quality control, customized professional hot pot equipment for brand manufacturers, increase brand added value.

Product Customization

We provide a series of customized services including table material, size, table shelf, etc., free to choose purifiers and matching pots and pans to meet the overall decoration style.

All-In-One Supply

One-to-one hot pot restaurant design and production service, providing one-stop supporting purchase solutions, flexible matching, saving time and money.

Operation Guidance

Refined build, easy to install split design, easy to take care of, free accessories available, 24-hour online problem solving.

Restaurant Scheme Design

Rationalized restaurant space planning, a variety of customized solutions to choose from to meet the individual needs of hot pot restaurants.

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