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HPOTT has been helping over 1,000+ restaurants to open smoothly and profitably with a wide range of feature-rich products and cost-effective hot pot table solutions for restaurants

HPOTT - The first choice for commercial hot pot catering

HPOTT is a professional wholesale Chinese manufacturer of customized hot pot catering equipment, providing restaurants or hotels with perfect hot pot table design solutions, including a full range of built in hot pot tables, Korean hotpot tables, hot pot tables with induction cookers, shabu shabu tables, hot pot induction cookers, etc. Our factory has a production team of 80+ people, with rich experience in producing custom hot pot tables, to provide a better image of the brand from the equipment show.

Feature Of Products

Our products have all kinds of functions that can make your business performance improve steadily

Photocatalytic Purification Systems

The products come with a purifier, no need to install a smoke exhaust pipe, saving time on the project, and no more feeling the steamy dry heat when eating hot pot;

User-friendly Functional Design

One button up and down, soup and food separation, timing and temperature setting function, commercial grade over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection.

Simple Installation And Cleaning

Our hot pot tables are disassembled and simple to assemble; easy to clean daily;

Up And Down Function Smokeless Hot Pot

Many restaurants try to improve their turnover rate by any means possible, often overlooking one detail.
Reducing the time it takes for guests to eat is fundamental to increasing table turn rates. If this is the case, why not try HPOTT’s lifting function smokeless hot pot equipment?

Integrity, Safety, And Energy Efficiency

The reasonable combination of a hotpot table and hot pot induction cooker and other heating equipment, smoke-free technology can make the restaurant more integral and environmentally friendly.

HPOTT Adheres To Strict Production And Quality Control Processes

The raw materials used in the production of hot pot tables have passed strict tests and need to meet certain standards to ensure the quality of the products from the source.

Happy Hot Pot With Multiple Smart Choices

Customize a hot pot table to make users have a pleasant dining experience, not only to meet the practicality of the table but also according to the restaurant scene to decide the materials and styles, etc. To achieve the perfect combination of practicality and beauty of the hot pot table.

Color To Meet The Scene Diversity

Over 100 color choices with the most unique custom color matching skills in the industry to meet the different custom needs of each customer

Preferred Sturdy And Durable Materials

Customers have more choices in the selection of materials, such as solid wood materials, artificial marble, glass, etc., all materials are resistant to high temperature and wear, easy to maintain and clean, and can be selected from the restaurant style and user perspective.

hot pot and BBQ grill table size

Sized To Fit The Restaurant Space

The size of the hot pot table can be flexible to accommodate the restaurant space. If the space is large enough, you can choose round or square tables for 4, 6 and 8 people; if the restaurant space is limited, you can customize a table for 2 people.


hotpot and bbq grill equipment

Support A Wide Range Of Accessories

HPOTT has the original production of a hot pot induction cooker, BBQ grill, purifier, in addition to providing custom-made dining chairs, to achieve one-stop procurement services.

How To Choose A Good Hot Pot Table?

1. Choose style, material, color, size, and heating for decoration.

According to your restaurant decoration style choose the style, including the material of the tabletop, tabletop color, the size of the table, and heating equipment.

2. Choose from popular tabletop materials
The material of the tabletop market many people choose marble, because it is highly selective in color and fashionable and good-looking, followed by solid wood, which is easier to transport and in line with Chinese decoration; of course, you can also choose slates or quartz stone, glass, what suits you is the best;

3. Choose the right tabletop color
The tabletop color selection is also a particularly important part, with a vibrant color palette can give consumers a comfortable and pleasant feeling; so you need a variety of color references;

4. Match table size to restaurant planning
The size of the table to match the size of your restaurant planning, generally according to the number of people, the shape of different, more common is 4 people square hot pot table, round hot pot table is generally not more than 1.6m, too big will affect the dining; of course, this is not the standard, can be customized according to the actual situation.

5. Choose induction heating for safety and efficiency

For the environment, it is best to choose induction heating equipment, compared to gas equipment, which does not produce carbon monoxide toxic gas, while heating efficiency, to shorten the dining time; followed by safety issues, no open flame leading to fire.

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Get Successful Cases For Free

To save you time, we have also prepared a PDF version containing all the contents of this page, only leave your email and you will get the download link immediately.


Hot Pot Table

How much do your hot pot tables cost?

Firstly, you need to choose your hotpot table top material, table size, tabletop color plate, and heating equipment, the price is different for different specifications; secondly, you need to provide your destination address, we need to check the current shipping cost; finally, we will give you a quotation according to the quantity you order;

Generally, the price range of custom hotpot dining table is $280~$600 / a piece.

Do I need to install a pipe for the smoke-free purification equipment?

No, our purifier is embedded under the table, it is self-cleaning, and the smoke is adsorbed under the table and is purified away; no need to install additional pipes, saving your restaurant engineering time and cost.

What are the points of attention for cleaning and maintenance of hotpot tables?

The induction cooker only needs cleaning utensils to clean the shell part, needs to prevent water, oil, and dirt into the interior of the appliance
The activated carbon and filter layer inside the purifier should be replaced once every 3-4 months.

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