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HOT POT Heritage

- Generation After Generation

Sometimes it takes years for the importance of an event to be fully understood, like the history of hot pot in China has more than 1900 years.It was all about feelings and pride back then, and it still is today, after 15 years of being part of the China hot pot equipment industry. Stronger than ever, we will keep on anchoring a foundation of food heritage of hot pot and quality for generations to come.

That same spirit of innovation in hot pot equipment lives on today, as our more than 50 employees work with our clients and partners to define the future of hot pot. With our own design team, we remain dedicated to the qualities that endeared our CEO Tan to hot pot equipment in the first place: its durability, versatility, economical efficiency and the environmental-friendliness.

Making people and business greater since 2006


HPOTT developed and produced its own hot pot induction cookers and grills, and our factory was officially established.

Electric Hot Pot Table

Welcome the reform of the catering industry, from the original gas equipment to electrical equipment, and rapid expansion, and become the leading domestic hot pot equipment production enterprise.

Hot Pot Equipment Production Line

Set up a production line for hot pot tables and a production line for commercial equipment in the back kitchen. Obtained the "Flying Hot Pot Patent" in the same year, leading the development of innovation in the industry.

Hotpot Business Meeting

We have exported our hot pot grill equipments to 15+ countries worldwide


Established a subsidiary and registered its own brand, specialising in providing catering equipment products to customers

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We are committed to enhancing the consumer’s dining experience under certain conditions like a safe and environmentally- friendly environment. Providing consumers with a clean and smoke-free dining environment and the function of controlling the temperature of the food is what we strive for.

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Adhering to the principle of customer first, quality assurance, and continuous development and innovation


Make customers have a pleasant dining experience


Become a professional catering equipment manufacturer for personalized customer restaurants worldwide


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