Chinese Hot Pot Table Electric Hot Pot Dining Table

Product ID: HP-S05

Smokeless hot pot with wire control button design, the table is beautiful and durable, HPOTT provides a variety of styles with the overall environment of the restaurant


【Name】: Hot Pot Table
【Origin】: Guangdong, China
【Size】: 1300X900X760mm (Size can be customized)
【Material】: Solid wood inlaid rock panels tabletop+rose gold stainless steel base
【Color】: Available on request
【Application】: Hot pot restaurant, hotel, other restaurants
Integrated decorative ring
The integrated forming hood is made of thickened stainless steel, a seamlessly integrated forming structure, and an intimate clamping position.
Smokeless purification
No need to install smoke exhaust pipe, direct use of smoke-free purifier, energy saving, and environmental protection, novel fashion
Customized smokeless hot pot table
Select high-quality stone, create a modern simple Chinese style, warm, practical, simple, and generous style
Stainless steel footrest
Strong and steady support the hot pot table, and it doesn’t shake, you enjoy the meal more at ease.

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